COVID-19 update

Applicants and new hires will be affected by current hiring slowdown and Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs.

For more information, please see our FAQs.

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Curious about what happens after you apply? Here’s what you can expect from the moment you apply to accepting your offer.

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Prospective Researchers

UArizona has numerous world-class research groups working at the cutting edges of technology and knowledge. Here are the resources to develop, fund, and finish research projects.

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Here is advice on negotiation and a checklist of potential items to discuss during the hiring process. We want you to request what you need and to feel good about what we offer.

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Learn about our inclusive workplace practices and how you can request reasonable accommodations. We can also consult with you to facilitate better access.

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Relocation Information

UArizona contracts with Above & Beyond Relocation Services (ABRS) to provide free relocation support services. If you are relocating to the Tucson or Phoenix area, ask your department contact to be introduced to ABRS prior to your visit.

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FAQs: UArizona hiring during COVID-19

The University of Arizona has implemented a temporary change to hiring practices extending through June 30, 2021.

Review of applications has been placed on hold until June 30, 2021. At that time, normal review processes should be reinstated. Some candidate applications may be exempt from the temporary changes if the hiring team has received a waiver to continue the recruitment process. You may reach out to the contact listed in the posting if you have questions about application review. Please be advised that the end date for these temporary hiring changes may be adjusted according to developing circumstances.

Some positions have received a recruitment waiver and are continuing their search processes. These positions are exempt from the temporary change and will continue operating under normal recruitment procedures.

Scheduled interviews will be placed on hold until June 30, 2021. The hiring department will reach out to you discuss the specific recruitment plans moving forward.

If you have already signed an offer letter, you are expected to start as scheduled. However, you must begin your assignment remotely until further notice. Please connect with your hiring supervisor for more information.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires certain employers to provide their employees with Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. These provisions are in place from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

For more infomration, view the Department of Labor's poster (PDF).

You may reach out to the department contact listed in the posting to which you applied or you may call applicant support at (520) 621-7704.

FAQs: Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs

As a cost-saving measure related to the impact of COVID-19, Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs have been approved by the Arizona Board of Regents. To learn more about these programs, and whether a position is affected, please visit

Yes. Most new employees hired during the program participation dates will be required to participate in the programs on a pro-rated basis. All new hires subject to the programs will be notified in accordance with adopted Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs’ guidelines and will be required to comply with all measures.

Yes. Positions not affected by these programs include: Positions with a gross annualized pay of less than $44,500, student positions, graduate teaching and research assistant and associate positions, postdoctoral positions serving under the Conditions of Postdoctoral Service (UHAP Chapter 12), positions with employees on an H-1B visa, and positions that are 100% grant funded.

Yes. If your position is not exempt from the program, you still have to comply.

FAQs for Applicants

Managing Your Profile        Navigating the System        Submitting an Application

If you have trouble accessing these drop-down answers, please contact us at

Managing Your Profile

Current UArizona Employees: All employees automatically have a profile created within the internal applicant portal. Access the internal applicant portal, log in with your NetID, then click on the “Career Center” tile.

Future UArizona Employees: Access the external applicant portal and click the “Create Profile” tab located in the top right-hand corner.

Current UArizona Employees: Employees’ profiles are automatically populated with their current official employee contact information. You may edit contact information with the exception of your first name, last name, and email address. To update, access the internal applicant portal, log in with your NetID, click on the “Career Center” tile, then navigate to the “My Profile” tab in the top right-hand corner. Once you have made your updates, the system will automatically transfer the information to your applications.

Future UArizona Employees: Access the external applicant portal, log in, then navigate to the “My Profile” tab in the top right-hand corner. Once you have made your updates, the system will automatically transfer the information to your applications.

Current UArizona Employees: Employees access the internal applicant portal via their NetID. If you are having trouble with your NetID, please contact 24/7 IT Support at (520) 626-TECH (8324).

Future UArizona Employees: Access the external applicant portal and attempt to sign in. Under the profile sign-in page, click the link for “Forgot password or need to create a password” and follow the system prompts.

Password reset emails may take up 24 hours to be sent. If you haven’t received the email within 24 hours, try these suggestions:

  • Make sure you have an account. If you previously created a UACareers account, you will need to create a new account under
  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers are most compatible with
  • When submitting the password reset request, only enter the email associated with your account. Entering your username and/or User ID may delay the request.
  • If you have submitted numerous password reset requests, you must wait for the most recent email as the previous emails will be invalid.

To find details of positions you have applied for, and the status of your applications, log into your profile and visit your “My Profile page. There you can see a list of all your applications and their statuses.

If the position is still open, you can access its details by clicking on the title. However, once a hiring department has closed a position, you will no longer be able to view details.

If you need a copy of the position details, please contact our Recruitment and Outreach team at (520-621-7704) or

To access your documents, log into your profile and visit your “My Profile page. There you can see a list of all your applications. Each application contains a drop-down arrow you can click to view your documents.

The only documents you will be able to see after you have submitted your application materials are your resume/CV. All other documents submitted as part of an application, although not visible to you, are viewable by the hiring team.

To confirm that your additional documents were attached to your application, you may contact our Recruitment and Outreach team at (520-621-7704) or

Please note: You will have a final opportunity to review all your documents before you submit your application. To do a final review of your materials, click the Back button before clicking submit. Once you have reviewed your materials and are ready to submit, click the Next button to return to the final submission page.

Navigating the System

All positions are open until filled unless designated as otherwise. You may submit an application at any time for all open positions. All UArizona positions are open for a minimum of seven calendar days and never close on a weekend or UArizona designated holiday.

All positions posted on our applicant portals are open and accepting applications.

All postings include a department contact name, email address, and/or phone number. This contact information is listed within the Position Details section of each individual posting.

The listed contact typically works in the hiring department and can answer questions about the position.

If a position no longer appears in your job search, then it has been closed, cancelled, or filled by the department.

If a posting is cancelled, it means the department has elected to not make a hire. The department may choose to post the position at a later date. You may apply again at that time.

Submitting an Application

Resume parsing, also known as CV parsing, is a matching technology feature that identifies and extracts the information from your resume and imports it into your application.

We recommend to always double-check the parsed information to ensure it was imported into the correct fields, especially if you replace your resume after parsing.

You may retype or delete improperly transferred information.

The most common reason why the system will not allow a document to upload is if the file name exceeds 50 characters. You must shorten the file name of your document to less than 50 characters to successfully upload.

The hiring departments will typically request references in the later stages of the recruitment process. If you are still being considered for the position at that later stage, the hiring department will reach out to you via email and/or phone to request reference information.

If you already submitted your reference information, but would like to submit more, please contact our Recruitment and Outreach team at (520-621-7704) or We will work with the hiring department to determine the best method for gathering the remainder of your reference entries.

Checking this option allows hiring departments to do a keyword search of your application for the purpose of matching it with other positions you may be qualified for. If they find a match for experience or qualifications, they may invite you to apply for other positions.

Once you select to make data searchable, you will be unable to unselect this feature for this application and future applications.

If you have a profile and submit an application, your field entries and resume/CV will automatically populate the required fields of future applications. However, you may have to upload additional documents required by the hiring department.

If you apply as a guest user, your application materials will not carry over to your next application.

For compliance purposes, the system does not allow you to edit the original documents submitted with an application. If you are invited to interview, you may bring updated paper copies.

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